I am trying to set up a hidden service on my android device but i am running into some problems. On the computer i set the hidden service directory and my keys are where they are supposed to be. Using Orbot, i don't have that option. There i a ".Onion hostname" area in the configuration but nothing is populating that field.

Am i missing something? Please let me know your thoughts if you have been able to launch hidden services successfully from Orbot.

I am using kWS as the web server on the device and am getting an 'unable to read hidden service name' message.


you first need to enable hidden service put in the port number then resart orbot once you connected to tor go back to the settings and then there will be a .onion address generated.

  • I did all of that.. I just installed a dev orbot and it seems to be working better now. At least the onion name is coming up for me. I'll consider this one closed for now. Mar 10 '15 at 21:56

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