The current stable version of Tor, works well on Win98/ME/2000. The present 0.2.4 versions require XP or newer. I'd like to compile the 0.2.4 versions to run on Win98 through Win 2000. What do I need to compile Tor on Windows?


Last time I built it, I got the mingw32 toolchain, and then started building the libraries needed.

On our continuous integreation setup the Tor build for Win32 pulls in the builds for for libevent, openssl, and zlib. The build scripts we use there might be helpful.

I found Erinn's scripts to build the Tor Browser Bundle helpful when I set up our Jenkins, but it was tough going.

  • I was wondering if you're able to enable WebRTC in TOR if you mingle with settings/configurations before compiling it. Would you happen to know?
    – Webeng
    Apr 30 '17 at 12:47

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