I have just discovered that DNS cannot be used by Tor hidden services, is that true? Also is it possible to use DNS services of multiple servers to prevent server down time for Tor hidden service? I mean if one server goes down then the other secondary, or tertiary, servers can pick up the traffic flow of a Tor hidden service or not?

  • DNS cannot be used by Tor hidden services it is unclear what you mean by this. Tor HS's are not domain names. When you enter a .onion address in your browser, DNS is not involved. However, you could still put a .onion address in a DNS record (eg. an SRV record for something which also provides a hidden service) and clients which support Tor could recognize it. You may get better answers if you clarify your question. The second part about load balancing HS's, has been asked before. Please do a search. Thanks! – Sam Whited Jan 21 '15 at 12:44
  • In simple words my question is about knowing how to prevent a downtime of a tor hidden service .Is it possible to use multiple servers for a tor hidden service.If the primary server goes down so the others will pick up ? – Anonymousscum Jan 22 '15 at 11:47