I am trying to contribute to Tor Network by running a non-exit relay on my PC. Via the status window, I already received the comment saying that my relay is reachable:

Jan 17 01:32:13.420 [Notice] Self-testing indicates your ORPort is reachable from the outside. Excellent. Publishing server descriptor.
Jan 17 01:32:14.830 [Notice] Self-testing indicates your DirPort is reachable from the outside. Excellent.
Jan 17 01:32:16.045 [Notice] Performing bandwidth self-test...done.

However, later I received this message:

Jan 17 01:43:09.372 [Notice] Your DNS provider gave an answer for "uofdrs2ok67ar.net", which is not supposed to exist. Apparently they are hijacking DNS failures. Trying to correct for this. We've noticed 1 possibly bad address so far.
Jan 17 01:34:02.394 [Notice] Your DNS provider has given "" as an answer for 6 different invalid addresses. Apparently they are hijacking DNS failures. I'll try to correct for this by treating future occurrences of "" as 'not found'.

So is it because I am setting up Norton ConnectSafe DNS in my Router? If it is the reason, I am really sad that I cannot run Tor cos I need to keep Norton ConnectSafe DNS on to keep my Kids from bad websites out there on the Internet. Thank you so much for reading my question.


That is an issue in Norton ConnectSafe DNS. It is resolving invalid domain names. What is really happening is that Norton ConnectSafe DNS redirects to a Norton domain (used for advertising) in the case of misspelled or non-existant domain names.

Unfortunately, this behavior cannot changed from the user side. It is up to Norton to change it.

As a fix for your problem, you can use an alternative parent control solution (if it is DNS-based, it shouldn't redirect invalid domain names), or set up a separate machine as Tor relay and give it different DNS settings that will overwrite those of the router.

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