Hey just looking for some clarification on something.

When creating a standard three hop circuit, if for some reason the client (Alice) does not receive a response from the third OR does she retry the same or assume the packet had gotten lost ?

Or chooses a new circuit completely?



According to section 5.1 [1] of tor's specification. During the last CREATE

On failure, a server sends a DESTROY cell to tear down the circuit.

Specifically, Section 5.4 [2] states the circuit will be torn-down by sending DESTROY back towards the client with the appropriate error code [3] in the payload.

Or chooses a new circuit completely ?

Correct. From Section 2.5 [4] of the path specification

Requests that might have been supported by the pending circuit thus become unsupported, and a new circuit needs to be constructed.

[1] Section 5.1 [2] Section 5.4 [3] Error codes [4] Section 2.5

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