I recently become interested in researching about the Tor network, and do want to do some research about it. I was heard that there are around 10 directory servers which are hard-coded into the Tor Browser Bundle. So could anyone please tell me what are the addresses of these directory servers and how can I get the consensus data from those server for research purpose. Thank you so much!

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There are 9 directory authorities which are hard-coded into the Tor software. Following please find addresses and some additional information about these directory authorites:

  • Thank you Roya for the prompt answer! I will be looking around your link. Furthermore, if you have any idea about how to GET consensus data from those authority servers, please show me cos I already read some papers which showed how to take the data, and published since 2009. However, those tools seem to be out of date and cannot be used. Commented Dec 26, 2014 at 13:00

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