I'm using silvertunnel-ng package, I managed to get the example provided here working. but when I change the link to facebook or google pages, I get empty response.

I'm not quite sure what am I doing wrong.

any help will be appreciated.

  • Did you change both the hostname ("httptest.silvertunnel-ng.org") and the path ("/checktor.php")? Maybe you need a longer timeout. Is the response totally empty, or do you get headers? If so, do you maybe get a 3xx or even 5xx instead of a 200 OK? To troubleshoot this, you could use: curl -i --socks5-hostname aa.bb.cc.dd:ff "http://some.host.tld/path/" where aa..ff is the IP and socks port of your Tor client. It will output all response headers. (By the way, this is most likely not a Tor question.) – Jobiwan Jan 2 '15 at 16:53

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