While using Tails is it possible to use an exit node based in Norway which I want to use to connect to a Norwegian IRC server (the server blocks non-norwigian IPs).

But I want all other traffic go through random exit nodes.

To summarise... for IRC use 'this' exit node, but for everything else use any exit node.


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It is possible to achieve the result you're looking for quite simply thanks to proxychains.

It would be too hard to force Tor to use a specific exit node though.

Proxychains works by routing your traffic through multiple proxies that you can easily configure.

It supports Socks so you can choose Tor as your first proxy (this is even the default configuration), then pick a Norwegian proxy (socks or http, as you wish) to make your connection look like it comes from Norway.

The great thing about proxychains is that you specify which application will use this chains of proxies, as such :

$ proxychains iceweasel 
$ proxychains <irc-client>

You can even start multiple sessions of your browser, one with the default Tails routing, and the other through additional proxie(s) after the Tor circuit.


I have not tested this but according to my best understanding, this would get you close:

In your torrc,

  • Use the ExitNodes directive to pick a node in {no} that only allows IRC exit.
  • Set StrictNodes to 0 so that other connections will use different exits.

(I don't know how Tor behaves in this situation, but maybe once you have a circuit to another exit that also allows IRC, it gets used for IRC instead of building a new circuit to your preferred one. In that case, this doesn't work.)

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