I'm trying to use proxychain on tails.

So first I can't use iceweasel with proxychains. I get the error :

/usr/bin/proxychains: 9: exec: iceweasel: notfound

So I use tor-browser instead. But when I try to use the socks5 proxy I get a timeout on iceweasel.

When I configure the proxy directly in the the config panel of tor-browser I says that the server is refusing connections.

The proxy is working perfectly on firefox on windows and tor browser on windows.


I've tried to setup proxychains on a kali distrib. When I use tor alone, it works. When I use my socks5 server (dante-server) alone, it works. But when I use both, the connection just get denied :

|S-chain| -<>-<>-<--denied

I ssh connect to my socks5 server with :

ssh -NfD 1080 [email protected]

And in my proxychains.conf :

tcp_read_time_out 15000
tcp_connect_time_out 8000

#For tor
socks4 9050
#Proxy server
socks5 1080

EDIT 2 : Apparently it could be a problem of my dante's configuration

So I tried to allow connections from any IP address in dante, I'm not sure if it's right :

logoutput: /var/log/dante.log

internal: port = 1080
external: venet0
method: username none
user.notprivileged: nobody

client pass {
  from: port 1-65535 to:
  protocol: tcp udp
pass {
  from: to:
  protocol: tcp udp

But it's still not working

  • I've got same problem did you sort this out?
    – user5132
    Nov 18, 2014 at 15:57
  • Yes I've explained everything here
    – il0venoobs
    Nov 19, 2014 at 16:08

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This kind of setup will not work, consider what you're asking proxychains to do: Connect to the local Tor SOCKS port then ask Tor to make a connection to a localhost address.

No amount of reconfiguration will work, you'd be asking an exit to connect to, which from its perspective is itself, not your own localhost where the proxy is listening. Exit will, by default, reject connection attempts to private and local addresses.

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