Looking at this releases for windows: Are in any of these releases public exits on by default?

In his post @SamWhited assumed that they are off.

But looking at Point g of Configuring a Tor Relay:

If you want to allow others to use your relay for these services, don't change anything. Un-check the services you don't want to allow people to reach from your relay. If you want to be a non-exit relay, un-check all services.

So these bundles generate an exit policy by default?

I just feel a little panic because I'm, unsure weather i could have installed the bridge bundle a week ago instead of the browser bundle and that this could have resulted in an accidental public tor exit :-(

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The releases for Windows consist of several subpackages:

  • Tor Browser
  • Vidalia Bridge Bundle
  • Vidalia Relay Bundle
  • Vidalia Exit Bundle
  • Expert Bundle

The package in italic (Vidalia Exit Bundle) is the one which is configured as exit by default.

The Tor Browser is just a client. The Vidalia Bridge Bundle configures Tor as a bridge, which is kind of a hidden entry point and the Vidalia Relay Bundle configures Tor as a non-exit.

The description at the page Configuring your Tor Relay is insofar not fully exact.

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