When running latest version of Tails (currently 1.1.2) on a USB drive, should you or should you not use "sudo apt-get upgrade" in a terminal to upgrade the components of the Tails instance? If you do run the upgrade, will it [the upgrade] persist after reboot? (I'm thinnking not; I'll have to try it and see.) Also, will configuring persistent volume affect this one way or another? (I'm thinnking not; I'll have to try it and see.) Thanks.

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No, you don't need to upgrade your system by typing sudo apt(-get) upgrade but use the auto update (every 6 weeks) from the Tails Upgrader.

see faq of tails: https://tails.boum.org/support/faq/index.en.html#index10h2

and search for: Should I update Tails using apt-get or Synaptic?

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Based on my testing of Tails 1.1.2, it appears that:

  1. using sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade does update the currently running instance of Tails. (in this case, today, libnss3 and bash)
  2. The update does not persist on my USB drive after reboot. (I can again update libnss3 and bash again after reboot.)
  3. Configuring a persistent volume does not affect persistence of update after reboot.
  4. Unless some vulnerability is inadvertently introduced during the update process, I don't see why the current instance of Tails should not be updated.

Please correct me if I misunderstand any of the above.

  • I have tried: sudo apt-get update and
  • sudo apt-get upgrade

Both have worked fine and the update/upgrade in Tails 4.8 is permanent. I have checked it!

But first you have to set a password for the administrator when Tails start.

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