Recent Tor Browsers (as of writing, current stable version is 3.6.5) resize the browser window to a multiple of 200x100 pixels on opening. I understand this is to reduce the chances of a user being fingerprinted by their screen size. Unfortunately with a widescreen laptop and using a desktop environment with both top and bottom panels this results in a tiny Tor Browser window that is uncomfortable to use.

Websites like EFF's Panopticlick (https://panopticlick.eff.org) that measure screen size fail to display a measurement when JavaScript is turned off. When searching I can't seem to find any non-JavaScript method to measure a user's browser/screen size.

Is it safe to resize the Tor Browser window, as long as JavaScript is disabled globally beforehand?


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CSS can also measure your window width and height and send it back to the server. See the demo here: https://arthuredelstein.github.io/tordemos/media-query-fingerprint.html

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