My OS is Microsoft Windows 7, 64-bit and I obtained the following obfs3 bridges (IP addresses and fingerprints have been altered to protect the integrity of the real bridges):

obfs3 111.222.333.444:12345 9280121gh126257961997ac2f972c7d63989af8648

obfs3 555.666.777.888:67890 k7m21653856p587e7da0zz0e5779c0ec7b33a7a6

obfs3 999.000.111.222:65432 4st03902010r8x0yz4ec45229bc1c093006a24a4

When I enter custom bridges, do I have to include their respective fingerprints? that is, the 3 strings of alphanumeric characters that I have italicized?

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Fingerprint is not necessary here. Just type obfs3 ip:port and it will work. The "bridge" will be added automatically for each bridge and you might just keep it as it is.

When the format isn't correct, you'll see warning messages in Tor log.

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