Where or how I can find, export or download the biggest list of all hidden service .onion addresses?

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You can extract the list from Hidden Service lists and search engines which are available at OnionDir - Deep Web Link Directory.

Or you can try Ahmia.fi site which is gathering .onion addresses using various methods by crawling the hidden services, downloading visited page data from the Tor2web nodes, and users can use an HTML form to add new addresses. List of the hidden onion sites can be found at Onion domain list at ahmia.fi (over 1000).

Other lists:

Other methods:

  • Use Google, e.g.:

    "http?://*.onion" OR "http?://*.onion.tor2web" OR "http?://*.tor2web.org" OR "http?://*.onion.cab/"
    site:websitedown.info/*.onion OR site:websitenotworking.com/*.onion

Harry71 has a list of onion-hosts which provide a public web site, which you can get in machine readable format.


It gets updated fairly often.


This one is only for onion-services supporting HTTP, but it is updated daily and are typically up.


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