I'm running a website with Nginx which I would like to be accessible by Tor and by clearnet. Currently it's only reachable by clearnet, e.g. www.example.com.

Of course people just can go to www.example.com through Tor browser, but I want to have a .onion address too for the same website.

I want the website and content to be accessible by www.example.com/ and xyzsfexample.onion/. So they see content from /var/www/www.example.com/web/index.php as xyzsfexample.onion/index.php ; IF they browse on xyzsfexample.onion ; IF they browse on example.com they should see example.com/index.php

How do I set this up and how must Nginx be configured to do both?


What you can use is nginx url rewrite.

There are many examples on stack overflow. One example is :

Nginx rewrite domain and URLs https://stackoverflow.com/q/14565382/485626

you detect what url they requested and then rewrite it properly so that it can be used on any of the two domains.

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