Can I safely use FoxyProxy together with the Tor Browser Bundle?

I like to have an additional hop after the Tor exit node. Therefore I am considering the use of the FoxyProxy plugin to the Tor Browser Bundle. (Yes, I know I actually should not use browser add-ons.)

Yet, I am highly suspicious that FoxyProxy will screw up my anonymity.

I am afraid that it will route all traffic directly through the proxy, bypassing the Tor network altogether. (Changing the default to X.X.X.X | FoxyProxy not being able to chain proxies.)

Are my fears justified or can I safely use FoxyProxy?

  • As far as I know your answer is yes. You are safe with Foxyproxy as far as I know. – user3520 Sep 1 '14 at 6:11

No, I would not do this. You see, this is how tor works:

Browser ==> Locally hosted socks5 proxy ==> Internal functions ==> tor network.

Unless your proxy acted as a bridge to the tor network, this would not work.


Even if you're behind a router, that will silently route all the traffic via Tor - take a look at this https://github.com/samyk/evercookie ...

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