SocksPort [::]:9100

Works as expected. Listens on both, and :::9100. But how to combine both into the same command?

According to ticket Listen on IPv6 by default for SocksPort *:Port this should be possible.

I believe we implemented this.

Why not use 2 config lines? Because I have a lot of SocksPort and 1 line instead of 2 lines would make the config much shorter, simpler.

Here is what I tried already...

SocksPort 9100

results in:


results in: (as expected)

results in: :::9100 (as expected)

SocksPort [::]:9100

SocksPort *:9100

results in: Syntax error

I do not wish to use because I do not wish to listen on all interfaces but on localhost only.

How did I check on which ports Tor is listening?

sudo netstat -tulpen | grep 9100

What Tor version did I use?

tor --version

Tor version

Tor upstream feature request: document how to listen on localhost on both, IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time using SocksPort *:Port


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