This question here asked a similar thing. But I want to ask a more specific one.

We know that to force Tor browser to use exit nodes from certain country, we should edit file torrc with a line like this:

ExitNodes {xx} StrictNodes 1

where xx is the ISO country code.

This technique works fine for me when I visit most websites. However, for websites that have a CloudFlare check before loading, I notice that the Tor circuit changes to many countries while the CloudFlare is checking. The CloudFlare check I am seeing is to ask the user to tick the box "I am human". And during this, the exit node is not confined to the country set in torrc, but jumping all over the world.

An example of such website is www.4chan.org.

What exactly is CloudFlare doing? Is it forcing the traffic from Tor browser? What is this mechanism they are doing, if there is a name?

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The name is "deanonymizing" - that's what Google, Amazon, Apple and many others are doing. To avoid this case you need to use a normal browser on a VM jail-routed through Tor via TransPort, so they can do whatever they want - but they will never be able to spot the multi-path from your browser. Also expand Long-lived port list with 80,443,8888,8080,8443 and try to play with increasing circuit lifetime significantly

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