I use latest Tails with persistent LUKS volume. My hardware is MacBook Air 2014 (running Debian as daily driver; the machine is well supported).

When I boot with SDcard "SanDisk SDXC" (there is an internal reader), the mouse does not work. However, boot via USB stick there are no problems on the same hardware.

I do not want to boot Tails via USB stick, but with SDcard "SanDisk SDXC". Why does this happen and how can I fix it?

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It's a Tails's buggy old kernel: no HW issue here, same things happening with USB wifi dongles... Tails is immature till this moment regardless of the time it exists. Use QubesOS - it's based on Xen and has a very mature and secure insulation environment. Tor can be runned on a routing VM in a headless mode - so you will wrap all the slave machines and apps securely through it

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