Feb 17 20:36:23.159 [notice] Read configuration file "/var/folders/05/nifiisp97vv27 rwlsz1g7vi80000gn/T/ es.joseaiimenez.ITORxv/tor.conf".
Feb 17 20:36:23.161 [notice] Opening Socks listener on
Feb 17 20:36:23.161 inoticel Opened Socks listener connection (readv) on
Feb 17 20:36:23.161 [noticel Opening Control listener on
Feb 17 20:36:23. 161 (noticel Opened Control listener connection (ready) on
Feb 17 20:36:23.000 [noticel Parsing GEOIP |Pv4 file /var/folders/05 /nifiisp97v27 rwlsz1 a7vi80000an/T/ es.joseaiimenez.iTORxy/geoip.
Feb 17 20:36:23.000 [notice] Parsina GEOIP IPv6 file /var/folders/05/nifisp97vv27
  • what exactly is your question? the GeoIP?
    – Alexey Vesnin
    Feb 21 at 11:32


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