This page cannot function without javascript. Please enable javascript and reload the page.

Yet Javascript is set to TRUE. I have had this issue in a couple of other browsers in the past. I think either Brave or Vivaldi. I am doing a search with Startpage when I get this error. I don't know what else to try to correct this error. Duck Duck go onion allows me to go to a non javasite for the search results. What the hey? My Tor is definitely being read as not allowing java when it is set to true under the config.

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Sadly, usual reason for that is that some particular script can not be executed, not the JS site-wide disabling... Also a Tor browser is a questionable thing, but it's better than nothing - and it has it's glitches, quite a ton of them. But as you've referenced - that Brave and Vivaldi has had the same issue as well - the reason is in the page's scripts for sure. Try using Developer tools in Brave or Firefox - press F12 for them - and look at the Console tab, reload page if needed. Then you'll see more details about the particular error

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