My laptop and my phone are connected to the same access point. I wonder why Tor on my laptop works fine but my Orbot on my phone does not connect. Most of the time, it is stuck at 10% of the connection process. I have tried all types of bridges but none of them helped. I even obtained tor bridges using tor on my laptop and copied them to Orbot but it did not worked again. My phone has 8GB of RAM and the Orbot version is 16.6.2-RC-4-tor. How can I solve this problem?

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Tips to fix-

  1. Restart your smartphone

  2. Check your phone’s Internet connection

  3. Update your phone’s system

  4. Set your phone’s date and time correctly

Regards, Rachel Gomez

  • It seems nothing is wrong with my phone and the app is update. Perhaps the algorithm implemented for desktop is more efficient than the one developed for android devices. Is that right?
    – Farhad
    Nov 8 at 8:59

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