When I read source code of Tor,I found a concept called origin circuit, which appears a lot in the source code. I think it refers to the circuit from OP to OR.Is that correct? And what are the differences among origin_circuit_t, or_circuit_t and circuit_t? Thank you very much!

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These circuit objects link connections together. An origin_circuit_t represents the beginning of a circuit. It links application connections (for example, SOCKS connections from a web browser) to the first relay connection (for example a connection to the guard). An or_circuit_t is used where most other connections need to be linked. For example at a relay which links a relay connection (from a client or relay) to a relay connection to some other relay, or a relay connection to edge connections (connections leaving the tor network).

Both origin_circuit_t and or_circuit_t contain a circuit_t. In an OOP sense, origin_circuit_t and or_circuit_t "inherit" from circuit_t and so are subtypes of circuit_t. You can use TO_CIRCUIT() to cast either to a circuit_t.

  • Thank you very much! Your answer has helped me a lot in the understanding of Tor source code! Commented Oct 24, 2022 at 2:24

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