How Open in Tor can shown on the right side of browser (Brave by default) address bar as seen on brave.com and other pages?

enter image description here

Even I wasn't able to find the proper name of those icons to go deeper. Any kindof useful information can come.

The closest what I found: How to use the Tor network on Brave privacy-centric web browser for PC

  • navigation_handle() is the term for the icons on the right side of browser address bar.
    – eapo
    Sep 15 at 20:17

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With the help from outside of stackexchange.com I got the answer:

Using curl -sI https://radar.squat.net/en | grep -i onion reveals the Onion-Location keyword which lead to the answer:

The Brave.com now has its own Tor Onion Service announcement refers to the Tor Project | Onion-Location page revealing:

You can either configure a web server to show an Onion-Location Header or add an HTML <meta> attribute in the website.

The relevant code can be found on GitHub:

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