I have my onion site online but I'd like to change my URL.

For example my URL looks like :


But I would like to change my URL and have different URL onion or change my URL using my name like this:


This onion site has its name in the first part of the URL.

How could I do that?

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    This question is off-topic here since it is not actually about security. But if you search for create vanity onion url you'll find many instructions on how to do this. Also, there is a separate stackexchange site Tor for Tor related questions. Aug 26 at 6:56

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For generating an URL starting with a defined string, you should user mkp224o: https://github.com/cathugger/mkp224o

But depending on your processor frequency and how many letters/numbers are added, it could be very slow to generate such a URL.

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