I'm currently running a tor relay daemon with 2 servers:

  • Local server: Private IP, main machine, local network shared with my neighbors, IPv6 reachable only
  • Cloud server: Public IP, very low spec, IPv4 reachable only, has domain name

The daemon lives in Local server. Some of Cloud server's ports (including ORPort and DirPort) are being forwarded to local server via SSH Reverse Port Forwarding because local server cannot listen for IPv4 but cloud can. This is what happened:

  • IPv6 ORPort reachable
  • DirPort reachable, browser shows HTML page of it
  • IPv4 ORPort unreachable

This is what I've done:

  • Added cloud's public IP to Address config field
  • Added 9001 port for ORPort and 9002 for DirPort, these ports are same between local and cloud
  • In IPv4, both local and cloud listen on
  • Disable firewall (for testing purpose) but fixed nothing
  • Test with nmap, both ports are listening on local and cloud

Wonder if I missed something which makes external IPv4 unreachable.

Keep in mind this question is more like "Incoming ORPort Tor over SSH Tunnel" rather than SSH Tunnel over Tor.


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