Goal: I am trying to build an anonymous voting system and am wondering if Tor is sufficient to anonymize data by command-run-on(s), only when the proxy-onion-node has encrypted IP addresses that are destroyed upon opening/tampering?

Pain Point: traffic correlation/metadata PII+vote sent by cron job still defeats anonymity if correlated by timestamp of milliseconds or less certainly.

Solution: To prevent access to routing with tiny 'explosions' that destroy IP addresses to not only (1) prevent reuse+tapping but hide (2) addresses. The private key that encrypts the addresses may have to be 'hard-coded' and generated randomly.

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It's enough for your task. Tor hides the one who is requesting the data, not the one who is serving it. But in your case you're already open just by proposing a voting process, so it's totally not a concern in any matters. And - yes - Tor will shield up your voters

  • Hey Alexey - I am not open as a voting process for the audit is merely matching the size of a dataset of public ID profiles and their anonymized votes (cron trigger jobs first and last). "Personally Identifiable Information (PII)+vote." More than several months ago, here, is alpha, for posterity not advertisement (et what is the difference). Probably not working but that is what waterfalled so far. Commented Aug 8, 2022 at 21:42

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