I use torsocks for 3 applications: IRC, SSH and Thunderbird (My Tor browser uses port 9150 fom the torbrowser bundle daemon). I want to use a different tor circuit each application. On the internet I can find a few solutions to make this work but what is safest way using torcc?

I now use the solution below which I got from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14321214/how-to-run-multiple-tor-processes-at-once-with-different-exit-ips?rq=1

SocksPort 9052
SocksPort 9053 

According to link above each socks have a different circuit but are the socks isolated in this case? Is it recommended to completely isolate each socks? Do I need to add IsolateDestAddr IsolateDestPort and create streamgroups like here https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-dev/2010-December/000680.html with using seperated Trans- and DNSPorts?

I don't want to mess up and make my tor setup less secure. What is the safest way to configure the socks?


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