I'm using the "Safest" security profile in Tor (accessible via about:preferences).

Here's one point in the description for that profile:

JavaScript is disabled by default on all sites. (emphasis added)

Does this mean I can make a whitelist? Or, even better, temporarily define exceptions during a session?

Thank you.

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You can build a whitelist by visiting websites and change the default behaviour.

  1. Visit a website
  2. Click on the NoScript icon (right side near the Hamburger menu)
  3. You'll find a checkbox which allows you to overwrite the default values. Check that box.
  4. Now you can use the NoScript settings to allow or disallow specific websites.
  • Thank you for your answer. I only have the "New Identity" (the magic broom icon) and "Security Level" (the shield icon) next to my "Hamburger menu" (I'm assuming you're taking about the three horizontally stacked bars?) I see no NoScript icon, unfortunately. As far as I know, I'm using the very latest version of the TOR browser (11.0.14).
    – GPWR
    Jun 18 at 20:33
  • Am I right assuming you're using Debian GNU/Linux?
    – Jens Kubieziel
    Jun 21 at 19:07
  • Yessiree. I'm running GNU/Linux Debian 11 (Bullseye) Stable. Cheers.
    – GPWR
    Jun 22 at 20:30

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