I'm confused as to how the Whonix Gateway works exactly under the hood versus Tails.

With Tails we know that non-tor connections are blocked by iptables, and that you need to torify your application if it is not yet torified. (SSH, curl, et al)

However with Whonix this does not seem the case; we can run curl without any proxy settings and it will automatically be torified by the gateway.

Is there any way this can be explained in layman terms to a noob how this works under the hood? Does it just wrap every request at the gateway using something similar to torify?

We have a program (lets say curl) that makes a non-torified? request to resource X, and it automatically gets torified by the gateway?

Another Q: Does this mean that if I torify/ProxyCommand ssh in my workstation, it gets torified again by the gateway or simply redirected/allowed (allowed like tails does it?)?

I'm asking because with tails I could experiment and confirm that an application would not work unless it was torified; with Whonix this is not the case: every application works by default, which means I can't confirm if it actually runs through tor (I assume it does, though!)

Sorry for my ignorant questions, I am a big noob when it comes to networking.



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