reading fritzbox log, it shows a nightly scheduled ip re-establishment. This is due to anticipated disconnect from ISP side in immediate future.

The relay node is knocked off circuits and all need reestablished..

Q1: why does this happen? fritz logs:

timestamp 3am 4 Clearing internet connection briefly to prevent the internet service provider from disconnecting you in the immediate future. timestamp 3.01 am Internet connection established successfully.

But lately the fritz box reconnects happen during the day without the box anticipating. Internet briefly goes down. Relay must build circuits again. This smells and is suspect internet traffic analysis, but by a leggit ISP or on their network? It might also be sign of isp not liking relay (it is few months old)

Q2: What are your answer to the unexpected reconnects, any similar experience?

  • Does your ISP's terms of service say anything about running servers or running a tor node? If so, this might be standard procedure for them. Consider running a node from a cheap VPS service instead of home internet.
    – JSEvans
    May 22 at 13:40
  • it is not listed in the contract details of isp; no. tor privacy suffers if in surveillance data centers! there are enought 'fast' nodes but less private ones
    – qrtLs
    May 23 at 13:19


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