I run my Tor Instance in DualStack (IPv4 & IPv6).


My Exit-Policy in torrc looks like:

ExitPolicy                  accept6 *:80-81     # HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol / web browsing
ExitPolicy                  accept6 *:443       # HTTPS - Hypertext Transfer Protocol over TLS/SSL / secure web browsing
ExitPolicy                  reject6 *:*

Why is my IPv6 ExitPolicy not considered?

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Have you set IPv6Exit to 1?

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  • Nope! I haven't set this Option. Where comes that from? I cannot find it in the manpage -> linux.die.net/man/1/tor
    – Gill-Bates
    May 5 at 7:00
  • you're my man! Solved by adding the Option to /etc/tor/torrc
    – Gill-Bates
    May 5 at 7:21

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