I'm experiencing the widely known problem of "endless captchas on Cloudflare" that a lot of people experience in their daily Tor life.

The very problem is that while I have installed the Privacy Pass extension, I can't get passes because I'm stuck in a loop at https://captcha.website. Every solved captcha brings me to another puzzle.

I can successfully get passes from my regular browser, the one I am using now, which happens to be a Firefox too.

I have considered a few options:

  • Can I transfer passes from a Firefox to another Firefox by moving certain files in certain directories?
  • Is there an "onionish" way to get passes? E.g. does Cloudflare provide an onion service where you can solve a captcha and get 30 passes?
  • Can I change Tor Browser settings in a way that I get past the captcha on https://captcha.website?


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