I have a (probably stupid) quirk/OCB: When I want my traffic to a website to be particularly hard to backtrace, I click dozens of times on the new circuit for this site button (sometimes for >15 minutes) until I get a combination of countries which don't cooperate with each other, therefore making it harder to potentially trace back the traffic to me. Once I have a route I like, I start using the website.

However in this process I create dozens of routes from me to this site, thereby probably drawing unwanted attention to me and making it easier to deanonymize me. It also wastes Tor resources.

I would be thankful for a technical analysis of how valid my concerns are and an assessment of whether or not the advantage of a geopolitical advantageous circuit outweighs the drawback of the multitude of potentially denonymizing trials I need to get there.

enter image description here

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Well, it is not an issue, but you should elaborate using Tor Control Protocol via Stem or a similar library to build a circuit you want a way faster

  • Thanks. Sounds interesting. Can you give a bit more details please?
    – summerrain
    Jan 13 at 7:10
  • will do on Monday - I'm away from my main PC for a vacation
    – Alexey Vesnin
    Jan 15 at 1:09

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