I've installed Tor on a debian bullseye setup, using Tor's own repo.

When I invoke Tor through the command line (as root), the service loads correctly and I can access my test .onion site through a different device.

However, when I try and set Tor to run as a daemon (either via service tor start or systemctl enable tor), while Tor is starting and running ok, it doesn't seem to be loading the torrc file which is in its default location.

This means that 1) the site won't load but more frustratingling, the logs aren't running so I can't get a clear error.

Can anyone help?

  • Ignore me - I'm a moron who can't read a config file. Uncommenting the 'runasdaemon' line solved the problem. Duncehat avatar is required I think :( Although, academically I'm still interested why I can't invoke Tor as a service as I would normally.
    – ezra_
    Nov 15 at 19:33

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