I use a vpn on Android. I used it signed in to google play store when downloading TOR. My activity was switched on so now Google knows when I downloaded TOR browser:

Can Google see:

(A) My search history. (B) A list of URLs I visited. Thanks


Yes, if you have Google play services installed on your Android OS: the software inventarization "feature" is not just for having a list of your programs installed - this thing is also capable of collecting crush data, so one of the leak vectors is when the Tor browser crush dump will be obtained. Another leak vector is a vendor-made backdoors that are incorporated in lots of devices like Xiaomi or in Yota. To be secure from that you need to install LineageOS or AOSP for your phone without google play services by transferring APK's and installing them. Tor browser's APK does not require play services at all and it can be downloaded directly

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