Good day, i have some problem with tor daemon on Linux. i use tor daemon to proxy access some site, but periodic tor is frozen, and can't proxy requests. in logs i seee only this.

Oct 07 02:29:54 Tor[6278]: Rend stream is 120 seconds late. Giving up on address '[scrubbed].onion'.
Oct 07 02:32:27 Tor[6278]: Rend stream is 120 seconds late. Giving up on address '[scrubbed].onion'.
Oct 07 02:32:31 Tor[6278]: Rend stream is 120 seconds late. Giving up on address '[scrubbed].onion'.

i use default tor configuration and not change torrc. how can fix that? or tell me please maybe have can i tack this via Tor Control. if restart tor daemon all starts normaly.

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Looks like the circuit to the dot-onion is suffering. You have a simple 3-step checklist to follow to ensure the things are working right:

  1. Is your ORPort available from outside? Tor performs this check at startup - and not without a reason. Having it available makes your node integrated into the network in a greatly higher level
  2. Has your network stack been tuned? Tor has a very moderate requirements, but to make it work faster you have to increase the number of network connections, file descriptors, buffer sizes and decrease the connection termination timeouts, so it will be no tarpit attack vectors
  3. Do you run and use bridges? If you're not using them - you should run one! It's not an obligation to make it public, but even cooperating with your friends to bridge each other - it really helps!
  • Good day @Alexey Vesnin, thx for answer. 1. i am not provide relay. 2. yep, stack is tunned. sysctl and security(file limit) 3. nope, direct connect.
    – Tavico
    Oct 11, 2021 at 8:46
  • try to provide relay - it's not the same as the exit, so no risks for you, but the ORPort available makes a network integration a way better - give it a try! The integration goes up not in an instant move, so give it some time, let's see what happens in your case. And - if it's possible - just leave Tor running for as long as possible and try the request you're making from time to time
    – Alexey Vesnin
    Oct 11, 2021 at 11:06

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