I’m experiencing a problem with tor on macOs. I installed tor with

$ brew install tor. 

When I launch it with

$ /usr/local/opt/tor/bin/tor 

I get stuck at 10%, e.g.,

Oct 06 16:20:18.299 [notice] Tor running on Darwin with Libevent 2.1.12-stable, OpenSSL 1.1.1l, Zlib 1.2.11, Liblzma N/A, Libzstd N/A and Unknown N/A as libc.
Oct 06 16:20:18.299 [notice] Tor can't help you if you use it wrong! Learn how to be safe at https://www.torproject.org/download/download#warning
Oct 06 16:20:18.299 [notice] Read configuration file "/usr/local/etc/tor/torrc".
Oct 06 16:20:18.301 [notice] Opening Socks listener on
Oct 06 16:20:18.301 [notice] Opened Socks listener connection (ready) on
Oct 06 16:20:18.301 [notice] Opening Control listener on
Oct 06 16:20:18.301 [notice] Opened Control listener connection (ready) on
Oct 06 16:20:18.000 [notice] Parsing GEOIP IPv4 file /usr/local/Cellar/tor/
Oct 06 16:20:18.000 [notice] Parsing GEOIP IPv6 file /usr/local/Cellar/tor/
Oct 06 16:20:18.000 [notice] Bootstrapped 0% (starting): Starting
Oct 06 16:20:18.000 [notice] Starting with guard context "default"
Oct 06 16:20:19.000 [notice] Bootstrapped 5% (conn): Connecting to a relay
Oct 06 16:20:19.000 [notice] Bootstrapped 10% (conn_done): Connected to a relay

Sometimes the connection is completed after a very long while.

Please note that everything was working fine until this morning. Today, I installed Wireshark ($ brew install --cask wireshark) and I’m afraid that something weird happened upon that.

How can I troubleshoot and fix this problem?


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