So I have been using Parrot Security lately and I have a couple security questions regarding Tor/Anonsurf. First, when I boot up Parrot and open the Tor Browser and click connect, Tor connects, then click connect on Anonsurf that connects as well. However, if I start Anonsurf first and connect then open the Tor Browser and click connect the Tor Browser will not establish a connection. Is there a good reason for this, does is happen with everyone else?
My second question regarding Anonsurf. In Anonsurf all traffic is supposed to be routed through Tor, so nothing unencrypted. Now when Anonsurf is running and I open a regular browser, on the Anonsurf stats a message appears saying an Application has requested on Port 80. This port is typically used for unencrypted data. Do not send anything you wouldnt mind the rest of the internet reading. Does this mean that my browsing is not protected at the time. Does this happen with everyone else as well. Thanks for anyone that can answer these questions.

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