I have used TOR for a while now, and I have no problems, except it is a bit slow to load pages, which is fine.

www.netspend.com/activation is a site to activate a VISA debit card, which I want to activate anonymously. It won't load.

On any other browser it comes up in a second or two. I've tried TOR on two workstations, windows 7 and windows 10.

I've seen references to TOR not being 'set up' correctly; do I need to configure this somehow? Are some sites more sensitive to onion browsing and all this relaying than others?

I'm starting to think this site will not load to a browser that appears to be not in the US, since the card is only valid there...

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It does load just fine from EU. They will just block tor traffic, because, like, who activates his cc via tor won't do good, they think.


Well, it looks like they're using a Cloudflare or a similar service to do tor blocking and CDN service. They do track you as you're using their service, so - discard them, there's nothing more you can do from your side

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