I was thinking about something like that Tor -> VPN or VPN -> Tor

After I read it I got it is not the best deal to do Clint -> VPN -> TOR The VPN and Tor on VPS, Using Tor is enough.

My questions are

  1. Is Tor (as proxy) really enough to protect data?

  2. If I needed to use VPN, Should I do it at Russian's VPS?

  3. If I used VPN with tor (browser or proxy at the client), Is it good?

My imagine

// Client-Tor -> VPN -> Target
Client protect with tor -> (ISP) read VPN session -> VPN (installed it at VPS) (The provider read Tor session) 
-> Tor Network ∞ -> Target 

So my imagine is right?

If you are asking why using VPS because I can stop log and change DNS and many features.


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