When using Tor Browser I occasionally switch tabs to my normal Firefox.

Let's assume I'm using the same website on both browsers. Initially the website sees me as 2 different users. The 1st user's mouse moves normally, then stops moving and at the same time the 2nd user's mouse starts moving.

Not only there is a correlation in time, but also in space. Under some conditions the website can see a correlation in the distance of mouse "entry" and "exit" points. Additionally the angle of movement of the 1st user right before it exits one browser is nearly the same as the angle of the 2nd user.

See pic below:

enter image description here

So I'm wondering:

Can mouse position or movement in both windows be correlated and therefore my Tor activity be associated with my real IP in the ways described?

I know there's plenty of variation because of delay and the fact entry and exit of my mouse can be as follows:

enter image description here

but even that would be of no use assuming I happen to repeat the following steps several times in one session.

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