I want to use obfs4 proxy to connect tor through it. It is not a Tor Browser. I know that Tor Browser provides options to use built-in bridges or request them online, but to use it in tor daemon I need to manually request them from bridges.torproject.org and copy them to /etc/tor/torrc. Maybe tor daemon has a built-in bridges? Or script to request them automatically? Thanks in advance!

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Sadly, getting bridges from bridges.torproject.org automatically to torrc is not possible without some kind of automation. As for what can be done, you have these options:

  • Make a program that solves captchas (you can use "captcha solving services" for that, just google it and you'll find a bunch of sites that can do that) for you and sets the bridges to torrc config for you.
  • Get gmail or riseup (don't even bother) email and send an email to bridges@torproject.org through the script that parses the response and sets the bridges in the config.

Anyhow, you'll need to create a script like that yourself, since I've never heard of anything like that done before.

Maybe tor daemon has a built-in bridges?

Sadly, no. It's a Tor Browser feature only.

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