I am aware that you can run different server instances on the same server but, as far as I know, they are sharing the same tor process.

Let's see I have a server with 8 cpu cores and 16GB RAM and i want to create 4 independent containers, each one with 2 cpu cores and 4GB RAM associated where each container will have an isolated tor process running with one hidden service, I know that this is not a balancing option (like Onionbalance) but I want to know if that setup is possible or not. Because if it is possible, you could have several hidden services in the same server but isolated and if one of your tor proccess get overloaded and crashes it should not affect rest of containers.

I have trying to grab information about this but I was not find too much, most relevant I found it is this but I do not fully understand it

  • I don't see why this wouldn't be possible. Do you have any particular concerns? You should be able to just start up multiple containers and run tor in each of them.
    – Steve
    Jun 25 at 14:41

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