Bitcoin Core supports running onion service and recently added i2p. I want to understand the trade-offs in using different combinations of networks, so asked a question in Bitcoin SE earlier: https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/107060/tor-and-i2p-tradeoffs-in-bitcoin-core

1.1 Tor only

1.2 i2p only

2.1 Tor + ipv4/ipv6

2.2 i2p + ipv4/ipv6

3.1 Tor + i2p + ipv4/ipv6

3.2 Tor + i2p 

Unfortunately nobody answered it yet and doesn't look like many are interested based on discussions about it. I think its very important for a user to understand the difference between Tor only and Tor with other networks in Bitcoin Core in terms of privacy and security.

Things that I read already but didn't help much:

Security advantages of Tor over I2P

What is best secure and anonymous OS for hosting Tor or I2P service?

How does Tor's threat model differ from i2p's threat model?

Tor + I2P on a system and Is I2P better than TOR?

Why should users not use the same browser for both I2P and Tor?


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