I'm testing the TOR browser bundle and I keep getting connected to exit nodes in countries that I've explicitly excluded in my torrc:

StrictNodes 1

ExcludeExitNodes {ad},{ar},{au},{at},{bs},{by},{be},{br},{io},{vg},{bg},{ca},{ky},{cl},{hr},{cy},{cz},{dk},{ee},{fk},{fi},{fr},{fx},{gf},{pf},{tf},{ge},{de},{gi},{gr},{gl},{gu},{hu},{is},{in},{ie},{im},{il},{it},{jp},{lv},{li},{lt},{lu},{mt},{mh},{mx},{mc},{an},{nl},{nz},{nf},{no},{pa},{pl},{pt},{re},{ro},{ru},{sa},{uk},{rs},{sg},{su},{es},{sh},{kn},{lc},{pm},{vc},{sj},{se},{ch},{tr},{ua},{gb},{us},{um},{va},{vi},{??}

ExcludeNodes {ad},{ar},{au},{at},{bs},{by},{be},{br},{io},{vg},{bg},{ca},{ky},{cl},{hr},{cy},{cz},{dk},{ee},{fk},{fi},{fr},{fx},{gf},{pf},{tf},{ge},{de},{gi},{gr},{gl},{gu},{hu},{is},{in},{ie},{im},{il},{it},{jp},{lv},{li},{lt},{lu},{mt},{mh},{mx},{mc},{an},{nl},{nz},{nf},{no},{pa},{pl},{pt},{re},{ro},{ru},{sa},{uk},{rs},{sg},{su},{es},{sh},{kn},{lc},{pm},{vc},{sj},{se},{ch},{tr},{ua},{gb},{us},{um},{va},{vi},{??}

In at least 1/3 of all cases, my exit nodes are from the Netherlands, Italy or Russia. How are the torrc settings overruled and is there any way to enforce them?

  • Can you add any warnings from your tor log? And what is the path of the torrc file that you edited?
    – Steve
    May 13, 2021 at 21:41
  • Hi, where can I find the logfile? The path to torrc is C:\Users\Hans\Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Tor
    – drgoebel
    May 14, 2021 at 0:44
  • Okay thanks, just wanted to make sure you weren't modifying a system torrc rather than the browser torrc.
    – Steve
    May 14, 2021 at 3:26
  • Is this an intended flaw implemented by the EU?
    – drgoebel
    May 14, 2021 at 14:54
  • > Is this an intended flaw implemented by the EU? For some reason, one never get's any useful answers regarding TOR from EU/CANZUK member state websites, including Stack Exchange. I'm being reminded about Crypto AG (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crypto_AG) and 1G/2G/3G architecture (jstor.org/stable/pdf/26487508.pdf). In my opinion, one cannot trust any security product coming from people in those regions. The only reason why we're making compromises at the moment is because they control a large part of the architecture - but this is now changing. So let me phrase my answer into May 14, 2021 at 15:10


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