im finishing java app to scrap few websites. its gonna be runnable jar file.

my goals: do it over tor network & keep security and privacy of tails.

my questions:

  1. since tails is sending everything through tor, it should automatically go over tor network or im missing something?

  2. im gonna need java have installed in tails i believe? whats best option security-wise & privacy-wise? java runtime enviroment or perhaps somehow build it into app? i know this can be done with windows when you create exe & put java inside as well, i dont know about linux & tails if it is doable?

  3. having installed java, is it gonna affect security and or privacy of tails? (scrapping is w/o javascript)

  4. writing this ive found How to use the JRE with Tor in Tails OS. it says jre is already in tails. is it still true? does that mean i dont need to install anything just run that jar?

thank you :)

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