When I generated some vanity addresses to test the app, I noticed that when I tried to read the keys with VIM it came out as garbled text. Here's the public key for one of the test onion addresses.

== ed25519v1-public: type0 ==^@^@^@£Qr<81>´<90>CüÇ^F^LÍ<9e><97>}ál^<89><84>« ^X}±Ø Z¶<89>Ë&

Obviously it's not supposed to come out like that. I saw that this was garbled text and though maybe I could find the default character encoder for VIM (latin-1, I think) and then revert the characters to raw bytes so that I could maybe find the right encoder so I could read it.. but I had no idea what I was doing and I knew I was being incredibly silly but I had no other clue of else to go about it. I'm using mkp224o on the latest Ubuntu for WSL if that info helps any.

  • Why do you say it's not supposed to come out like that? I think that's the correct format, it's just the bytes of the key
    – Steve
    Apr 4 '21 at 23:05

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