I'm trying to connecting venify v2 domain with tor hidden_service. I'm using eschalot and shallot for generate domains. but when I change domain name in hostname and replace private_key. It stop working. when I restart tor service. hostname being replaced with v3 domain. I'm sorry for so basic question. Please help to connect v2 domain with hosting. Thank you.

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Depending on the tor version it is either hidden service v2 or v3 which is the default. And I think it is v3 in your case.

Try putting:

HiddenServiceVersion 2

in your hidden service definition and retry.

Please also note that hidden service v2 support will be removed from tor network in the near future (this year if I remember correctly) so you should consider moving to v3 right now.

  • Should I create directory ?
    – Ibrahim
    Mar 27, 2021 at 21:56

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