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Attempting to download files using Tor results in the following "white screen of death" to appear: e.g. trying to save an image from the web and the only way to rid of this "pop-up", if I may call it one, is to press alt + c - a random discovery made while pressing likely candidates in desperation - where alt happens to be my primary modM key (which I note here for reproducibility's sake).

Are files even downloaded (perhaps in a hidden directory)?

Anyhow, keyboard semantics aside, despite looking inside




as per instructions here, I found both directories to be empty.

Works fine on Windows, but not on Linux?

Previous downloads on Windows some time ago worked just fine (viz. files successfully locatable in default Downloads folder).

Hence, I now suspect I may have to set up extra configurations to accommodate such downloads on Linux (re: Fedora 33), but I have yet to find any sources regarding this particular problem.

  • Maybe you could report this issue to the Tor project at the Tor git repo.
    – Swangie
    Mar 15 at 14:44

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